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Launceston Travel Guide

Launceston Travel Guide

Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania and the third oldest city in Australia, it dates back to Celtic times and was founded in 1804. Located in the beautiful Tamar Valley region and at 198 km from Hobart, 98 km from Devonport and 63 km from Scottsdale, Launceston is the main administrative centre of northern Tasmania. Its architecture is simply georgeus, grand Victorian houses and other fine examples of colonial Victorian architecture. Is very famous for its fine food and wine.

The Tamar River also has a splendid view and you can enjoy this by taking a tour over its waters and feel the sound of native birds giving you the welcome. This river was discovered in 1798 by Europeans. And in 1804 William Paterson founded the settlement of George Town on Port Dalrymple, after a year founded Patersonia, another settlement which was after renamed as Launceston in honor of the Governor Philip King who was born in Launceston in Cornwall.

In the 20's Launceston reached the importance that has now in Tasmania thanks to its agricultural development.

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