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Broome is located at the Southern gateway to the Kimberley region, founded in 1883, 2,389km (1,481 miles) north of Perth; 1,859km (1,152 miles) southwest of Darwin. Broome has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, sandy beaches and turquoise sea, is one of the most visited destinations in Australia. Broome has an important historical heritage with the beauty of its surroundings to match its remarkable history.

The weather in Broome is dry from April/May until September/October and wet around October/November with extremely hot days with temperatures around 30C and balmy evenings and nights when the temperature fall to the low twenties.

Chinese and Japanese pearl divers worked the pearling luggers in this town in the old days, the chinatown and the divers' cemetery with Asian inscriptions are the result of this, around 1910 Broome was the pearl capital of the world, now the industry has declined with the development of artificial pearls, actually there are few people who still do pearl fishing. The Broome Historical Society Museum gives information on the historical perling industry.

Broome's main beach is Cable Beach, a beautiful expanse of golden sand, most of people come to relax on the jade-green Indian Ocean, this city is also famous for its Staircase to the Moon, called like that because you can see the full moon reflected in the rippling mud flats which gives a stairway effect this is certainly an amazing phenomenon that you can't miss, it's also beautiful to see camels along the sand. Tourists can fish the sea, walk around the art galleries and jewelry stores.

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