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Brisbane Travel Guide

Brisbane Travel Guide

Brisbane is Australia's third largest city and Queensland’s vibrant capital city, it is bounded on the east by the sea and on the west by the Great Dividing Range, the climate here is excellent, is a kind of subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild, dry winters.

The city is named like that because of the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane, and was built where once was located an old convict colony, in 1859 Queensland was separated from New South Wales, and Brisbane became capital of the new state.

When gold was discovered in the north of Brisbane, many people came here from Europe and China, most of them went south to Sydney and Melbourne. The city still has many monuments of victorian architecture, colonial sandstone buildings but also modern towers, many bridges cross the river, the most attractive is the Story Bridge, Brisbane City Hall and King George Square are also a very visited attractions.

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