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Lady Elliot Island

The Island is located in the north-east part of Bundaberg and its area is approx. 40 hectares. The name is because of a ship called Lady Elliot which came here in 1812, has many facilities for visitors and also a more than 50 species of birds.

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This town is located on the Mary River and 300 km north of Brisbane. Maryborough is now an industrial city but there are many well preserved ancient buildings most of them from the nineteenth century, some of them: the City Hall, the post office and the School of Arts Building.

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Heron Island

This Island is accesible by both helicopter or boat, it's in the Great Barrier Reef and has a great number of fish species, more than 1150. The Heron Island Resort is a very beautiful place very good for scuba diving and snorkelling, plenty of accommodation here.

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Mount Morgan

Mount Morgan was a mining town at the beginning (1882), in the gold discoveries time, its name is after the Morgan brothers who had a mining company here. It's located on the Dee River and the city is famous for the Golden Mount Festival between April and May.

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Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island has a tropical climate and many beaches as well as many accommodation facilities, the best of this island is the seafood that attracts each year a great number of visitors. The island lies in the Keppel Bay Islands National Park.

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Flecker Botanic Gardens

Flecker Botanic Gardens are located in Cairns, and are its main attraction, these gardens have tropical and carnivorous plants and were established in 1886.

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