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Where to go?

You must arrange at least two weeks for having a visit to Australia, of course if you want to know more deeply this country then you have to plan to stay here much more time. Australia has it all, sandy beaches, arid desserts, National Parks with their varied flora and fauna and many outdoor activities, you can get in touch with many kind of animals such as kangaroos, the beautiful koalas, dolphins and hundreds of different species of birds.

Two of the main attractions in Australia are the Ayers Rock or Uluru, a natural rock formation in the Kata Tjuta National Park - Northern Territory, this rock has a special characteristic, its color change depending on the sun's position, unique and worth to see, and the other one is the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, with all the magical sea world it has, a kind of paradise for those of them who loves the sea and water sports, definitely an amazing place to be seen.

Major cities as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are very modern, some skycrapers are really worth to see and many buildings are considered work of arts as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, some other well preserved buildings are the main attractions in cities like Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. For adventurous people the National Parks are recommended and Australia has lots of them, specially in Tasmania region where wildlife is almost intact.

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