Australia travel guide


Australia Travel Guide

When to go to Australia

Australia's climate is very tropical in the northern part and temperate in the southern, in summer time the hotest temperatures can arise to 40ēC so be careful and don't expose yourself to the sun from 11am to 3pm, or use a recommended protection.

The climate in the south-eastern region is characterized for having hot summers and mild winters, the hotest month is January and July is the month of the coldest temperatures. Rainfall in this region goes from summer to winter, but is more frequently in the first half of the year. The region is affected by the El Niņo Southern Oscillation, which produce bushfires and drought.

In the central arid region there is almost no rain but thunderstorms are frequent, summer time is also very hot in this part of the country and winters sometimes can have freezing nights, the best time to visit this region is from April to June or from October to November. Climates in both regions are generally opposite, and the four traditional seasons only exist outside of the tropics in the southern part of Australia. Tasmania has the less predictable weather but if you want to travel to this region is better to go in summer and explore its National Parks and outdoor attractions.

To visit the coastal tropics the best time is from April to November in this period the temperature is pleasant and for visiting the tropical north you'll better go between May and October.

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