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Torndirrup National Park - Western Australia
Torndirrup National Park

This Park is popular for its rock formations which take singular and impressive forms, is one of the most visited National Parks in all Australia and attracts hundreds of tourists each year. The Torndirrup National Park hosts the Albany Whaleworld, an amazing whaling museum.

Stirling Range National Park - Western Australia
Stirling Range National Park

The Stirling Range is formed by a group of hills and mountains, twelve of them of more than 750 m, the Park is situated at the South-east of Perth in the Great Southern region. The weather in winter could be intensive, the peaks in Stirling Range are generally have snow.

Wave Rock - Western Australia
Wave Rock

This is one of Australia landmarks, this gorgeous rock formation has 15m high and is situated in Hyden, a small town in Western Australia. Its name is because of the form, a big and smooth wave that was formed by water erosion and has 15 m high and 110 m long.

Nambung National Park - Western Australia
Nambung National Park

This is an extensive sand park having as main attraction the well known Pinnacles, special kind of limestone formations, most of them have four meters high. If you want to visit the Pinnacles Dessert the best time of the year is between August to October.

Purnululu National Park - Western Australia
Purnululu National Park

Purnululu National Park is considered as a World Heritage Site, situated at the northeast of Pearl and has an area of approx. 210,000 ha. Its aim is to protect the extraordinary rock formations as well as the flora and fauna of the region, and one of its main attractions are the Bungle Bungle hills.

Ningaloo Reef Marine Park - Western Australia
Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

If you like water sports, scuba diving or surfing, this is a good place to visit. Ningaloo Reef Marine Park was established in 1987 and is famous for its whale sharks, the beaches here are simply amazing, visit this park and you'll have a wonderful experience.

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