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Getting Around Australia: Trains

Getting around Australia by train is probably not the best way, rail-systems in this country are not well developed and the train service is more used for freight transport, but it's true that travelling this way it's possible to see more about Australia and its splendid landscapes. Trains in Australia are comfortable enough, are safe and have many facilities and a good service. The main routes in Australia are from Perth to Adelaide and from Melbourne to Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. Prices are a bit expensive than bus service, some companies offering long- distance train services are:

Great Southern Railway:
Tel. 13 21 47 in Australia, or 08/8213 4592

Tel. 13 22 32 in Australia

Tel. 13 22 32 in Australia

Public Transport Authority:
Tel. 1300/662 205 in Western Australia, or 08/9326 2600

Rail Australia and their agents:
ATS Tours: Tel. 310/643-0044 in the U.S
Goway: Tel. 416/322-1034 in Canada
International Rail: Tel. 0870/751-5000 in the U.K.
Tranz Scenic: Tel. 03/339 3809 in New Zealand

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