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Getting There

By Air

Tasmania main airline companies are Qantas (Tel. 13 13 13 in Australia,, flights to Hobart and Lauceston, Virgin Blue (Tel. 13 67 89 in Australia;, from Melbourne to Hobart and Lauceston, Regional Express (Tel. 13 17 13 in Australia;, flights from Melbourne to Burnie and Devonport, and Ansett, for domestic flights, most of flights to Tasmania depart from Sydney and Melbourne, to fly to Launceston or Devonport generally the depart is from Melbourne. These airlines have 5 flights a day and the direct flight from Sydney to Hobart takes two hours approximately but the major part of flights takes more than three hours because of the connection through Melbourne.

By Sea

Tasmania has a very special ferry service, it's about the Spirit of Tasmania passenger/vehicle service, are four beautiful and confortable ships, the first one began its service in 1993 between Devonport and Melbourne, later were added the Spirit of Tasmania I and II for making the travel of tourists more pleasant, there was more capacity for the tourism industry now and the development of the region began to grow, the fourth ship Spirit of Tasmania III began service in 2004, it's considered the faster one and its route is from Devonport to Sydney, in 2006 the ship was renamed as Mega Express Four.

The ferry service depart daily from Melbourne to Devonport, the trip takes almost 15 hours, the depart schedule is: Monday at 7:30 pm, Wednesday and Friday at 6 pm and the return is on Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm and Saturdays at 4 pm. The ships and other ferries have many facilities as restaurants, bar, pool and shoppings, you can also have some useful information in their tourists information centre.

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