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Getting Around

By Car

The best way to know Tasmania is by car despite of its narrow roads, there are three main car companies:

Tasmanian Redline Coaches, Tel. 03/6336 1446
Tassielink, Tel. 1300/300 520 in Australia, or 03/6272 6611
Hobart Coaches, Tel. 1800/030 620 in Australia, or 03/6234 4077

There is a cheap way to travel by coach and it's buying a travel pass which can serve you to take 7 day pass to to travel within 15 days, a 10 day pass to travel within 15 days, a 14 day pass to travel in 20 days and a 20 day pass to travel within 30 days.

The main areas in Tasmania are Hobart, Launceston and a group of towns on the North-West coast, specially Devonport and Burnie. There are many possibilities about choosing a road from any part, from South East to the East Coast or from the North Coast to Down the West. One of the most important roads is the Lyell highway which connects Hobart to the West coast going through the Central Highlands, on winter time this road is sometimes closed.

By Plane

If you want to visit the most attractive part of Tasmania you'll need to go by plane, the two main airline companies in Tasmania are:

Par Avion,,
Hobart office: (03) 6248 5088,
Devonport office: (03) 6427 9777,
King Island office: (03) 6462 1070

There are regular flights from Flinders Island and King Island, from Launceston, Hobart and Devonport.

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