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Visas And Red Tape

A Visa is required to enter to Australia, excepting New Zealanders inhabitants, an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is also accepted. To get the Visa application you can go to the Australian Consulate in your country, or to any Australia Commission, all the USA citizens can obtain it also from the embassy internet sites.

Touristic visas are the most used, they are valid only for three months and for several entries through the year. But the new Electronic Travel Authority can facilitate the things on your trip, you-ll justt o give your details to an airline or to any travel agent and they send them to Australia, the confirmation takes only a few minutes. This only happens in major airlines and travel agents.

To stay more than three months it's best to get the longer visa before departure, the visa extension in Australia can cost AU$145. Twelve-month working holiday visas are easy to get if you are a British, Irish, Canadian, Dutch, German, Japanese or Korean citizen. Young American citizens (18-30) can join the Special Youth Program.

ETAs (Visitor and Business - Short Validity ETAs only) can be obtained online from the main Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) website at or from over 10,000 travel agents and airline offices throughout the UK.

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