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Queen Victoria Building

Built in 1893 as a market, the Queen Victoria Building is 200 m long 24.3 m across, with a 57.5 m high central dome. Was almost demolished but finally restored to its original shape in 1980, now it hosts 200 elegant shops open seven days a week.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Located in Darling Harbour the Australian National Maritime Museum covers the eventful history of Australian seafaring with displays of ships and articles on those whose livelihood depends on the sea.

Sydney's Chinatown

Centered on Dixon Street with different Chinese regional restaurants to choose from, shops and markets, a temple and many offices, the Chinatown was formed by many inmigrants in the first half of 19th century who had increased to thousands after the gold discovery.

Australian Museum

Located in College Street, is the oldest museum in Australia and was founded on March 30, 1827, by Earl Bathurst. Now it hosts a big collection of valuable minerals and strange fossils to stuffed birds and mammals. The museum is also involved in indigenous studies research and community programs.

St Mary's Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral has a neo Gothic style, built in 1868. The cathedral is dedicated to “Mary, Help of Christians”, Patron of Australia. The site for a church was given to the first Roman Catholic clergy in Sydney by Governor Macquarie in 1821.

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