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South Australia

Kapunda - South Australia

Kapunda was established in 1843 and the main industry used to be based on the copper discovery, one of its main icons is a 45 foot chimney on a air shaft at old copper mine. Each year the Kapunda Celtic Music Festival is celebrated in this town.

Tanunda Museum

This town was at first a Prussian settlement and is situated in the Barossa Valley, until now the German traditions can be seen here, in its cuisine and in the buildings, as the Langmeil village church. The Barossa Valley Historical Museum has a great exhibition of pieces about Tanunda's history.

Port Lincoln
Port Lincoln

Situated in the south part of Eyre Peninsula was established in 1839 and was one of the first european settlements in Australia. Nowadays Port Lincoln is a busy and important commercial port, its economy is based in the fish industry and also have become a tourist destination.

Fleurieu Peninsula
Fleurieu Peninsula

This beautiful Peninsula is situated at the south of Adelaide and was established in 1802. Many beaches easily accessibles from any road, transport service is very good and organized so it won't be a problem to enjoy of this amazing place.

Kangaroo Island -  Remarkable Rocks
Kangaroo Island

Is the third largest Island in Australia and one of the most popular destinations in this country. Between the place you could visit in this Island are: the Flinders Chase National Park, Seal Bay, Murray Lagoon and Kelly Hill Caves on the southwest coast.

Explore Australia
Mount Gambier

The main attraction in this area is the Mount Gambier Volcano which has four craters and lakes, it can be appreciated a singular fact on the Blue Lake, the water in winter is steal gray but in summer it changes to brilliant blue and it changes again at the end of summer.

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