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Criterion Hotel

This building is at the end of Quay Street and was the first hotel in Rockhampton, built in 1857 and property of Robert Parker, the construction was completed by the daughter in 1889.

Rockhampton Customs House

This is another great example of the architecture style that can be seen in Rockhampton, this building is also at Qauy Street, was built between 1898 and 1901 and designed by A B Brady, the Queensland Government architect.

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens

The Rockhampton Botanic Gardens are located on Spencer Street and was established in 1869, basically it's oriented to preserve the typical trees and plants of the region having tropical fruits and some deciduous trees from the Northern Hemisphere.

Kershaw Gardens

This is another garden in the city and was opened to public in 1988, is situated in North Rockhampton on Moores Creek Road, and the gardens aim is to preserve Australian native plants especially the Central Queensland ones.

The Supreme Court

This building is located at the west entrance of East Street, is a great example of Classic Revival period architecture, also designed by the Queensland Government architect, G Connolly and was constructed in 1887.

St Joseph's Catholic Cathedral

This sandstone building was constructed in 1882 and is located on the corner of William and West Streets, is one more Victorian Gothic style construction, has beautiful stained glass panels, gothic detailing and a traditional cruciform plan. The St Joseph's Catholic Cathedral was the first catholic cathedral of Rockhampton.

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