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Arrival to Perth

By Plane

Perth International Airport has 3 terminals, one for international flights and the other two for domestic flights, the main airlines are Qantas, JetStar and Virgin Blue. The international terminal is located eleven kilometers away from the other two which are adjacent, there are public transport to get to the city centre from the domestic terminals but not so many transport from the international one. There are direct flights from and to the major part of important cities in Australia as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Alice Springs and Darwin.

By Train

There is an unforgetable trip from Sydney to Perth, passing through Kalgoorlie, Adelaide and Broken Hill, it's the journey via the indian-pacific trans continental railway operated by Great Southern Railway, which takes three days and shows you many beautiful views of these cities.

By Bus

There is a daily coach service given by Greyhound Australia, which goes from Darwin to Perth, via Broome.
There is an important train service at night, the Nightrider which covers the routes:

* Fremantle to Northbridge via Canning Hwy (route 697)
* Fremantle to Rossmoyne via Leach Hwy (route 698)
* Fremantle to Bullcreek via South St (route 699)
* Northbridge to Scarborough Beach via Scarborough Beach Rd (route 680)
* Northbridge to Fremantle via Canning Hwy (route 697)

So if you were out until late you can take this bus service.

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