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The City of Melbourne

Melbourne is known as the 'sporting and cultural capital', it's a major centre of industry, commerce and cultural activity, has as one of its characteristics the sophistication, the interest of its citizens about the music, theater, fashion and sports making of Melbourne a cosmopolitan and cultural city where the restaurants, shopping and nightlife are at the level of the main cities around the world.

Melbourne's districts are: the City Centre, Albert Park, Carlton, Fitzroy, Prahran, Richmond, South Melbourne, South Yarra, St Kilda and Yarraville. The most visited part in Melbourne is the Melbourne city centre, most of the important buildings in this city are located here as the Supreme Court, the Parliament and the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens considered the best in their kind around the world with more than 12000 different kind of plants.

There are aso many other buildings as the Forum Theatre which has a Moorish exterior and was built in 1929. The night makes of Melbourne a very romantic city, its reflect can be seen in the Yarra River and the lights of the skyscrapers give a special appearance to it.

The weather in Melbourne is absolutely varied, is very cold in winter, not so many snowfalls but with many fog and frost. The summers here used to be just spectacular, there are hot and dry days, but sometimes excessively hot with temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius.

Melbourne Travel Guide

Melbourne Travel Guide

Melbourne Travel Guide

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