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Getting Around Australia: Driving

For exploring an area of Australia in depth it's much better to rent a car, so you can go with no hurries wherever you want to, specially if you're planning to visit the National Parks which are Australian best attractions. Some thing you better take on count are for example that the speed limit in urban areas is of 60kph or less and in open areas is 100kph or 110kph, the seabelts are mandatory and drive on the left, drinking and driving is completely prohibited and most part of rules are the same as in the Unites States and UK.

The roads in Australia sometimes are not in such as good condition, and in other times what in the map looks as a road could be a unpaved track, so be careful with that. An international drivers license is allowed in Australia but just for one year, the required age for driving depends on the state you are, in some of them is 16 in others 17 but many car rental shops require you to be 21 or older.

Some car rental shops in the country are:

Tel. 13 63 33 in Australia,
Tel. 800/230-4898 in the U.S.,
Tel. 800/272-5871 in Canada
Tel. 0870/6060-100 in the U.K. and Ireland,
Tel. 0800/655 111 in New Zealand,

Tel. 1300/794 344 in Australia,
Tel. 800/527-0700 in the U.S.,
Tel. 800/268-8900 in Canada,
Tel. 0134/4484-100 in the U.K.,
Tel. 906/627-711 in Ireland,
Tel. 0800/283 438 in New Zealand,

Tel. 13 30 39 in Australia,
Tel. 800/654-3131 in the U.S.,
Tel. 800/263-0600 in English or 800/263-0678 in French in Canada
or 416/620-9620 in Toronto,
Tel. 020/7026-0077 in the U.K.,
Tel. 1/676-7476 in Ireland
Tel.0800/654 321 in New Zealand

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