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North and central Tasmania Welcome to the

North and central Tasmania

Tasmania Travel Guide
George Town

George Town is at the north east of Tasmania on the Tamar Valley, established in 1803 is the third oldest settlement in Australia. Now George Town is an industrial town and in summer it's a very visited destination for its fishing locations and also for its history.

Tasmania Travel Guide

At the west of the Tamar river this town has developed thanks to the gold discovery in 1877 and rapidly became the third largest town in Tasmania, one of the main icons in this town is the Holy Trinity Church and the Batman Bridge at the southeast.

Tasmania Travel Guide
Beauty Point

Situated at the north of Launceston this is a town in the Tamar Valley, at first was a port for gold industry in Beaconsfield. Actually Beauty Point is a good place for fishing and yatching. Near this town are the touristic beaches of Sandy Beach and Green Beach.

Tasmania Travel Guide

Located in the central north Tasmania, at the west of Launceston and south of Devonport. Some old buildings can be seen in this town as Bowerbank Mill, Bonney's Inn, the Deloraine Folk Museum, the Roman Catholic church and St Mark's Church.

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