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Hobart and the east

Hobart and the east

Tasmania Travel Guide
New Norfolk

New Norfolk is situated in the Denwert Valley. Many old and amazing buildings made this place to be listed as a Historic Town by the National Trust and has statutory protection. Some of the buildings are: the Old Colony Inn, the Oast House and the St Matthew's Church.

Tasmania Travel Guide
Freycinet Peninsula

Is located in the eastern part of Tasmania, has different beautiful beaches as Nine Mile Beach, very popular for holidaymakers, and is now a main venue for tourists who love the sun and sea and has many facilities between them are restaurants, walking trails and many other.

Tasmania Travel Guide
Bruny Island

This view shows the Bruny Island Neck and isthmus that connects north and south Bruny Island. Is located at the southeast coast of Tasmania, the D'Entrecasteaux Channel connects Tasmania with Bruny Island. The main areas are Adventure Bay, South Bruny National Park and Cloudy Bay.

Tasmania Travel Guide
Port Arthur

This is one of the most destinations in Australia, maybe because its historical significance and the splendid view of its coast, is located approx. 60 km south east from Hobart. Port Arthur was an old convict settlement and can be reached by car and bus.

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