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Rockhampton Travel Guide

The city of Rockhampton

Rockhampton is approximately 1,055km or 654 miles at the South of Cairns and 638km or 396 miles at the North of Brisbane, has a population of about 59,120 inhabitants. Is also known as 'Rocky' and also as the Beef capital of Australia and has more than 2 million head of cattle in the area, there are many souvernirs of bulls and also monuments about them at both north and south entrances to the city.

Many buildings from the nineteenth century are well preserved and are the main atrraction of Rockhampton, as well as the churches and houses. The major part of these buildings are in the central business district, more specifically in Quay Street where you will see more than twenty of them showing you their majesty, also East Street is an important venue in the city and has very beautiful streetscapes.

There are some traditional activities in the city as the bull-riding where cowboys take to the rodeo ring to test their skills against the big local Brahman bulls. Some famous people who were born in Rockhampton are: the premier of Queensland Vincent Gair, the novelist Ernestine Hill, Rod Laver the famous tennis player.

Rockhampton Travel Guide
Big Bull
Rockhampton Travel Guide
Bull Riding

Rockhampton Travel Guide

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