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Rockhampton Travel Guide

Rockhampton Travel Guide

Rockhampton belongs to the Queensland region, and lies at the north of the Tropic of Capricorn. Was established in 1855 and is one of the oldest cities in Australia. The Queensland's first Land Commissioner, Mr W. Wiseman was who named this city as Rockhampton. The city grew up because of the many gold discoveries around it and the grazing, mining, farming and meat processing industries also helped in the city development.

One of Rockhampton bests is its architecture, which is captured in many of the buildings as the post office, the cathedrals, the banks and others. Quay Street is one of the typical streets in the city, its situated near the Fitzroy river and has fantastic views.

The territory where is now the city was once occupied by Darumbal aboriginal people, europeans came here in 1853, looking for good lands and the Fitzroy river meant a waterway for ships so many people came here and the settlement grew up. Rockhampton was proclaimed in 1858, October 25 and the first council, John Palmer, was elected in 1861. During the secon World War Rockhampton became a US army base.

The economy in Rockhampton depends on the industrial companies of the city, but lately the tourism has become an important way of incomes. In General all Central Queensland is more visited now by tourists from many parts of the world.
The weather is generally very hot in summer and winters are not very cold, but it's extremely hot, more than the other cities in Queensland region.

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