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Getting Around Australia: Planes

Most of international flights to Australia arrive to Sydney's Airport first and then depart to the final destination, other important airports are those from Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Main international airline companies in Australia are:

Tel. 800/227-4500 in the U.S. and Canada
Tel. 020/8600 4307 in the U.K.
Tel. 09/357 8900 in Auckland
Tel. 0800/808 767 in New Zealand
Tel. 13 13 13 in Australia;

Virgin Blue:
Tel. 13 67 89 in Australia, or 07/3295 2296;

Tel. 13 15 38 in Australia

Domestic flights are offered by some companies such as: Kendell, Airlines of South Australia, Hazelton, Sunstate and Regional Express which covers the areas of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Northern Tasmania, Prices can look expensive at first sight but it's worth to travel in plane and save time and any possible incident by travelling in bus or train. It's important to take on count that every flight in Australia is nonsmoking.

Some companies offers discounts and some passes if you get them before you get into Australia, for making the prices the country is divided into zones: Western Australia, the Centre and East Coast, the price will depend on how many zones you flight cross.

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