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Visit the Great Barrier Reef

Part of Great Barrier Reef Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most attractive places in Australia, so it is one of the most touristic places as well; it receives around 2 million tourists a year and is considered the largest coral reef around the world because it spreads for thousands of kilometers. To see it we recommend using a helicopter.

This is one of the most natural attractions in Australia with many activities to discover this beautiful place, for example: snorkel, skin-diving, and cruise travelling to marvel at the thousands of small islands that make up a barrier with heavenly landscapes and marine ecosystems with about twenty thousand years old. The Great Barrier Reef is made up of 3 thousand coral reefs along the Queensland coast in Australia.
Part of the Great Barrier Reef
This reef has clear waters and it has a lot of marine species such as mollusks, corals and the large green turtle so it is very popular between scuba divers. A large number of divers and submarines arrive to these shores to make deep-sea diving with corals, as well as documentary makers who merge deep into the waters to record the incredible underwater life in videos. People without much experience dive on the surface where many coral species can be seen. To reach Australian coasts getting information, is very easy, just looking at the local newspapers and tourist offices will help you find a specific place to dive, weather and water temperature.
Diving andsnorkelingin Great Barrier Reef
Visit the Great Barrier Reef, discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770, this sight can also be visited by cruise. The transparent background water will let you see the beautiful corals, mollusks and fish species in the deep without enter the seawater. One can also arrive to the beaches in the barrier shores to enjoy the white sand and many bird species, so nature lovers definitely have a wonderful experience. Anyway, if you want to avoid unforeseen events during the spectacular crossing, eat healthy snacks in small quantities to avoid dizziness and sickness, otherwise only drink water.

A large number of people visit Australia; they ensure a relaxing, fun and very interesting trip. This trip isn’t only to know beautiful places in the most important cities, it will also let you know Australian nature. Keep in touch with the wild and if enjoy this opportunity to practice physical activities away from an aerobic video, in a spectacular place and with a great landscape.

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