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Newcastle Travel Guide

Newcastle Travel Guide

Newcastle is located in the New South Wales region, at the mouth of the Hunter River - named like this in honor to the New South Wales' Governor, John Hunter - and has become the main city in this region. Is the second oldest city in Australia and the seventh largest one. This city has as main industrial factor the coal export, actually it's the largest coal export harbour all over the world.

Newcastle is at the north of Sydney, and is many times compared with it, has all what a surfer will dream, a lot of good beaches and sand, and incredible waves. Sometime ago all the buildings in this city were covered with soot because of the coal export but now they look clean and elegant, it can be say that the main entertaiment avenue was once an old wharf.

This city was founded in 1804 by convicts, as some other cities in Australia, who had no better idea that founding a city next to a river, territory which was occupied by aboriginal people in the pre-european time. Coal export helped a lot on the development of this city and the nearness of mines, where the worst and dangerous criminal where send to work, attracted the introduction of many heavy industries as the production of steel that finished on 2000.

The city was partially restored after the eartquake of 1989 where many buildings came down and the damage in the business district was very big, it was the worst earthquake in Australia and some people died.

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