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The city of Launceston

What is the main characteristic of this city is the Victorian Architecture in the houses and the major part of historical buildings. Almost all the examples of this architecture were built between 1870 and 1880, in this period minerals were very exploted so it took the city to get a high development. The city has many wonderful and natural landscapes, it's privileged because of its location, at the confluence of two rivers: North Esk and South Esk rivers which gets into one, the Tamar River, so it's a place full of yatchs and motor boats.

Notley Gorge is located 8 km. away from Launceston, in Tamar Island, here you can see the birds in their own habitat, a splendid natural environment that will make you feel free and comfortable. The cataract Gorge is a very good example of the amazing nature this city has, at the sound of the cataract can still be seen the construction of an old hydro-electric station, you can visit the Gorge Restaurant to have a fantastic view. The wine is very good in this region specially in Launceston, the Tamar Valley has green hills and a ver good climate for the production of grapes, this is one of the reasons that explain the good taste of Launceston's wine.

Between its main buildings can be mentioned the Baptist Christ Church, Batman-Fawkner Inn, the Penny Royal World, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, the Post Office and many more.

Launceston Travel Guide - Gorge Cataract
Gorge Cataract
Launceston Travel Guide - Launceston Square
Launceston Square

Launceston Travel Guide

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