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Moving to Australia

Moving out is a stressful moment where you will have to decide what which items are necessary to take with you and which ones are not. There are many details that you need to research about moving to Australia, one of the most important things is to clarify all the issues before you start packing and shipping all of your belongings to Australia. It is very important that you plan ahead carefully.

Moving Companies in Australia
In Australia, there are many moving companies where you can search several options about prices and service. Almost always the prices depend on the kind of service provided.

Every company has the expertise, logistics and capabilities to insure that any transfer is successful. Every one of companies works closely with their clients and all the quotes and services are booked in writing.

Ideally moving companies in Australia should have a fleet with a minimum of 35 trucks and moving containers across the continent of Australia.

Packing and unpacking: If you decide to move to Australia, you can’t simply throw your belongings in a box as you might do if you were moving down the street. There are profesionals who will wrap and pack all of your belongings.

Automobiles: If you have a car, you must know that there is a specific documentation required to bring your car into Australia. Without it, your car will not be allowed entry and it would be stuck at the port.

Insurance: Most moving companies offer a range of insurance options. Under very reasonable rates you can insure your shipment against all foreseeable issues. We recommend taking transit insurance due to the complications that may arise while your things are being transferred (specially if it is done internationally.)

Shipping times: Shipments generally take five to eight weeks to get their belongings; it depends on the availability of space, the loading and unloading time and possible delays.

What to do before and after a move

You should:
  • You should make a research about the customs about the country you’re planning to transfer to.
  • What kind of housing options you can have.
  • Tell your friends and family that you’ve moved out.
  • Evaluate your finances.
  • Check what type of visa(s) you and your family need.
  • Check your passport to make sure they are valid for at least another two years.
  • Make a folder with all your personal documents, including your driver’s licence, birth certificate, marriage and adoption certificates, references for employment, evidence of qualifications, etc
  • See what you need to move your pets.
  • Give a forwarding address to all your contacts as well as to the bank, the passport office, and the accountants.
  • Cancel accounts for TV, internet, phone and insurance and pay off any outstanding debts.
  • Transfer your funds with a foreign exchange specialist
  • Confirm bookings with your travel agent.
  • Cancel all kinds of debts.
  • Prepare your resume and have this on hand in case that there is any chance of getting a new job.
  • Ask for a copy of your no claims bonus form from  insurance company
  • If you need help, maybe the best idea is to hire one of the movers companies around your area.
  • If you don’t have much time to communicate with your friends about your moving, sending moving postcards might be the solution.

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