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Golf courses in Australia

Australia is a country where golf is really popular. There are many people who practice this sport in this country; so, it is very common to find amateur and professional tournaments throughout the year. These events attract the interest of thousands of people and are broadcasted by major TV channels in the country.

The passion for Golf has made it possible for Australia to hold the "Australia Open”; one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. The best players from around the world come to this tournament to compete against each other and score some points.

The competition is quite demanding. The level of players that are presented and the kind of challenge that it means to play at this kind of tournament contribute to make this event even more exciting. The tournament was established in 1904, and since then it has had lots of champions. Most of them come from Austrialia, although lately there has been a large presence of American players.

Start Playing Golf
To start playing golf, we will have to learn the basics, and for this, there is nothing better than to take some golf lessons. Learn the secrets that surround this sport; it will be much easier if you have a professional player that guides you right by your side while you’re practicing golf. A veteran player stores lot of golf tips that can help you to improve your game; he/she also will be very attentive to those mistakes that you make and help you develop a new style to play golf.

Australia has a large number of schools that offer Golf Courses throughout its territory. Cities such as Canberra and Sydney have some of the best golf courses in the country. These recreation centers have complementary services that allow the accommodation of tourists and visitors. You will find a variety of restaurants, shops and small shopping centers.

Golf Schools introduce beginners to the basics of golf. For a small fee you can have access to all golf courses services, to an instructor and rental equipment.

Golf is a sport that requires patience and concentration, but above all it requires motivation. An instructor can be helpful, but if there is no will to learn, you will never be able to dominate this sport.

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