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Cuisine for many parts of the world can be tasted in Australia, many restaurants from different style and different prices, african, thailand, italy, chinese and french restaurants are open to public offering their best dishes. Australian typical food took as base the English food, and is recognized around the world for having a diverse range and quality than any others, and dishes as Crocodile Fillets or Kangaroo Steak make of the Australian food a very special one. Modern Australia cuisine has developed since 1990's and now the best cheffs work hard to get more and more audience.

Two main items became of Australian cuisine one of the bests around the world, one is the fresh products as meat, seafood and vegetables that exist in the country and can be found in any region, and the other one is the collaboration of the cuisines of every part from where inmigrants have arrived, specially the North European, Mediterranean and Asian, so it could be said that cuisine in Australia is the great result of mixing up ingredients and recipes from many other countries.

Native cuisine is known as 'bush tucker', this kind of food dates back from the beginnings of colonization when first european settlers realized that aborigin people didn't farm the land ans this was happening because of the weather in Australia, instead of that they used to catch turtles, oyster shells, fish and also dolphins, in other regions they caught snakes, kangaroos and emus, then they cooked them in fire and used their skin to protect themselves, plants served also as food in that times, many plants as the mangrove seeds, sea almond and cabbage palm were the favorite by aboriginal women, the diet was also formed by fruits and vegetables, coconut, tomatoes, wattle seeds, grasstree hearts and quandongs. Until now there are some restaurants serving this special kind of food.

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