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Getting Around Australia: Buses

By bus is the cheapest way to get around Australia, the bus system in australia offers a good service and facilities like air-conditioned, videos, toilets, adjustable seats and some of the drivers stop the bus if there are some interesting thing to see around. The bus system is a lot more comprehensible than the train service but sometimes could happen you get into a small town in the middle of the night. If you buy your ticket before arriving to Australia some discounts can be made of ten or fifteen percent. Remember that the major part of coaches are nonsmoking.

Greyhound Australia is the major coach operator in the country, servicing 1 100 destinations daily around Australia.
Tel. 13 14 99 in Australia, or 07/4690 9888
The coach service within Tasmania is given by Redline Coaches
Tel. 1300/360 000 in Australia,

Prices depend of the destination and the popularity of the route and the condition of road. Bus Passes are a good help for using this kind of transport, there are three kind: day, pre-set itinerary and kilometre passes, it's up to you to choose wich one of them fits your requirements, take on count that if you already know the places where you are going to go it would be better to have the pre-set itinerary pass, but also consider the passes are nonrefundable.

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