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Bunbury Travel Guide

Bunbury Travel Guide

Situated on a peninsula, Bunbury is the second largest city in Western Australia, also known as the capital of Southwest, its population is of about 31 000 people, in the past this city was an important train terminal, the Australind was the daily service between Perth and Bunbury. But is in the recent years that Bunbury has developed into a very visited destination in Australia.

Between the main attractions in this city are King Cottage, which is now a Museum; the Leschenault Homestead on the Old Coast Road; the Rose Hotel and the Eagle Towers Restaurant. The dolphins use to visit its waters, then it wouldn't be a surprise you can get in contact with one of them when visiting Bunbury, by the way, there are two tours you can take if you want to know a dolphin, one is the Dolphin Discovery Center and the other one is the Bunbury Dolphin Tours.

Bunbury's weather is more template than Perth's weather, this is because of its coastal location. In the city there are some interesting buildings and monuments, one of them are the Bunbury Tower, which has a singular shape, and the old lighthouse located in the Marlston Hill district.

If you like the outdoor activities, there are much to do here, mountain bike riding and trekking are the favourites. If you like the water, there are plenty of aqua-based activities to participate in, kayaking, canoeing, snorkelling, water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, and rafting.

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