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Brisbane Travel Guide

Northern suburbs

Breakfast Creek Breakfast Creek

Breakfast Creek hotel, built in 1889 the hotel is known for its cold beer off the wood and fantastic steaks, its been through refurbishments more than once but the front bar remains pretty much the way it has been since the 40's when this was the pub of choice of Brisbane's wharfies.

Castlemaine Perkins Brewery
Castlemaine Perkins Brewery

Is located in Milton, on Milton Road opposite the Milton railway station, this Brewery has been the source of quality beers for over 125 years. Tours of the brewery are regularly run for groups.

Fortitude Valley
Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley has a lot of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs, is one of the hubs of Brisbane's nightlife, renowned for its nightclubs and adult entertainment. Brunswick Street is the main venue for nightlife, it has and irish pub, a chinatown, and a lot of nightclubs.

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