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The major part of towns in Australia have a Post Office, at least an Australia Post agency if it's not possible to find one, the opening hours can vary from one region to another but generally post offices are open to public from 9am to 5 pm and from Monday to Friday, some of them are open on Saturdays too. Main Service in Australia has not a very good reputation, this is because takes too long for a letter to arrive to its destinations, specially when the distance is very long, from Western Australia to New South Wales for example, but the good thing is that in major cities there is an express service. But the international mail system is very efficient, quick and secure, if you are sending something heavy to Europe or Asia the prices are reasonably cheap.


The main telecommunications provider in Australia is the Telecom Australia company, most known as Telstra, another one is Optus. A big number of public telephones are distributed across Australia, Post offices and public places always have phone services outside, you can make a call having some coins or having the Telstra phonecards, prices of this phonecard go from $5 to $50. Hotels, restaurants and any important venue of entertainment have phones around, so it won't be difficult to find one and make any domestic or international call. The major part of telephones don't accept incoming calls. At National Parks the telephone service is very special, a kind of mobile telephone inside a van, the important thing is it's very useful when you are away from a call center or from a town.


Australia, as the major part of countries around the world, has a vast internet access facilities, you can check your mail or chat with friends and family from any internet café or from any local library offering internet access, prices are around $4 to $6 an hour.

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