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Albany Travel Guide

Albany Travel Guide

Albany is located in Western Australia 400 km southeast of Perth, and was founded in 1826, with a population of more than 25 000 inhabitants. The city centre of Albany is located between the hills of Mount Melville and Mount Clarence. Until 1897 Albany was the only deepwater port in Western Australia, has a Mediterranean climate with a summer temperature of about 22şC.

Albany has a rich historical past which can be seen in the colonial buildings around the city that are well preserved until now, The Old Gaol is a good example of this, now this is a folk museum. The Albany Residency Museum exhibits seafaring objects and aboriginal artefacts.

There are many beaches surrounding Albany, some of them are Emu Beach, Shelley Beach, Nanarup, Muttonbird beach, with Middleton Beach being the closest to the town centre. The main industries in Albany are the tourism, fishing and agriculture, but it was a thriving whaling town up to the 1970's, the whaling station now is a museum of whaling. The 75% of electricity in Albany is provided by its Western Power Wind Farm.

Some of the Albany's attractions are the Brig Amity Replica, the Old Farm on Strawberry Hill, St. Johns Anglican Church, the first church consecrated in Western Australia, the Mount Romance Emu Oil and Sandalwood Factory, the sandalwood is still used as a perfumed balm and natural medicine.

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