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Adelaide Travel Guide

Arrival to Adelaide

By Plane

Adelaide's main airport receives flights from Auckland, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, the flight time from Melbourne to Adelaide is less than an hour, and less than three hours from Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Hobart. From the airport there are transport services that go to the center of the city as Buses or taxis, the Qantas Airway makes domestic and international flights from Adelaide to Auckland and Singapore (, Virgin Blue Airlines ( offers flights from Adelaide to many other cities around Australia and around the world.

By Car

Adelaide has a considerable distance from the other main cities in Australia but is easily reachable by car, the trip times to Adelaide are:

- From Sydney, 1400km in 20 hours approx. via Mildura (National Highway 20)
- From Melbourne, 720km in 8 to 11 hours approx. via Horsham (National Highway 8)
- From Brisbane, 2100km in 23 hours approx. via Broken Hill
- From Darwin, 3050km in 32 hours approx.

By Train

Adelaide's main railway station is the Keswick Interstate Rail Passenger Terminal, located at the west part of the city and has many facilities as bars and restaurants, one of the best trains in Adelaide is the Indian Pacific, this train transports passengers from Sydney to Adelaide (28 hr. approx) and Perth to Adelaide (36 hr. approx), the other train is the Ghan, which covers the route Adelaide - Alice Springs (20 hr. approx) and Adelaide - Darwin, but only in specific seasons. Adelaide is part of the cross-country train network, so it's served by regular train services from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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